Eileen Laurie

artist  •  educator  •  facilitator


Eileen Laurie is inspired by the natural world and how people interact with this world and with each other. Like every visual artist, her art practice is about looking and really seeing what is around us. She takes what she sees to create something new, and often unexpected. She is interested in images that are playful and thoughtful, experimental and figurative, in pictures that stir up our imagination and pictures that tell stories.

Eileen Laurie works in the media of watercolour and ink, printmaking, embroidery and Land Art.


In her art education work with children, youth and adults, Eileen Laurie encourages creativity, dialogue and connection, situating art-making within the context of our lived world. She builds spaces for learning, for experimenting with art processes and for growing community and connection. She believes that humans were born to enjoy making, working with our hands, and sharing our art with others.

She teaches visual art classes and workshops for all ages and needs. She has taught on the beach, on the pavement, in Malmö schools and libraries, at Malmö Festival and at Swedish universities.


Eileen Laurie facilitates art-based workshops around the issues of sustainability, transition and degrowth. Here the art process reveals and engages with the emotions, generates new perspectives and empowers adaptation and transformation.

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