Am I optimistic? Not in the slightest.
Am I going to quit? Not on your fucking life.

Derrick Jensen


Grayson Perry once said "I feel it is more important to have a long and sympathetic hands-on relationship with materials. A relaxed, humble, ever curious love of stuff is central to my idea of being an artist."
May I be so bold as to agree with you Mr Perry?


I am inspired by just about anything I have ever read. "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi woke me up (again) to the potential of comics and the graphic novel.
I like telling stories and making pictures. So comics are a real no-brainer.

Place-based Learning

Experiential, art-based, environmental, often outside the classroom but not always. Start where you are. Start with an open mind. Start with a sense of wonder and curiosity. But make sure you start.


My blog is a way of thinking and interacting. I am also a translator, working from French, German and Swedish to English. This helps when reading comic authors like Marjane Satrapi, Sara Granér and Ralf König in the original language.

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Paradigm shift is a big, fat pain in the arse

Eileen Laurie

Once upon a time in Berlin

September 1991. The Berlin Wall had been down for almost two years. The two Germanies had been reunified. The state-run businesses and industries of the GDR were being dismantled by the Treuhand. And I was 22, having just finished a five-year Master’s degree in languages. I didn’t want to go on to teacher training and […]

Through a glass darkly

  On the relatively rare occasion of reading one of the good books, I was of course reminded of this glorious song by Joni Mitchell … Love Although I speak in tongues Of men and angels I’m just sounding brass And tinkling cymbals without love Love suffers long Love is kind! Enduring all things Love […]

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September 17th, 2017 Posted In: Writing Tags: 2017, Birth, Children, Death, Poetry

Ectopic So missus, how are you? Going home now, that’s fine You wait two months now Before trying again Aye right son, trying again As if my battered bones Will ever move again without creaking After that guid hiding After that nasty surprise That dragged me out of bed And threw me out to sea […]

September 17th, 2017 Posted In: Writing Tags: 2017, Language, Poetry, Scotland, Swedish

Vikings Learning Swedish, I had a head start In this language studded With words I already know. A Christmas cake plump with raisins. The German words lost their Z and SCH Smoothed and polished away like stones on a beach. Thanks to Konung Jean Bernadotte, An elev goes to school And you buy a biljet […]

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