There's no excuse for causing our own extinction.

Dr. Sylvia Earle


Grayson Perry once said "I feel it is more important to have a long and sympathetic hands-on relationship with materials. A relaxed, humble, ever curious love of stuff is central to my idea of being an artist."
May I be so bold as to agree with you this illustrious artist?


I am inspired by just about anything I have ever read. "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi woke me up (again) to the potential of comics and the graphic novel.
I like telling stories and making pictures. So comics were the next step.

Land Art

What happens when you make art outdoors? What happens when your "material" is what you find in nature? Land art can be simple and ephemeral. Or it might take a large group weeks to create a piece. Just step outside and see.


My blog is a way of thinking and interacting. I am also a translator, working from French, German and Swedish to English. This helps when reading comic authors like Marjane Satrapi, Sara Granér and Ralf König in the original language.


I hold workshops with adults, young people and children, indoors and outdoors. I work especially with land art, process-led art and drawing as communication.

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Paradigm shift is a big, fat pain in the arse

Eileen Laurie

One of those days …

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… when you wish you had never got out of bed.

Decolonise your imagination

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As relevant as ever

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Turbans à la Simone
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Genius of love
Genius of Love
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2021 With love and thanks to the Tom Tom Club.

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