Land Art on the beach

Interested in a workshop?

From 2019 to 2020, I worked with Sorgenfriskolan in Malmö. The project was funded by the Swedish Arts Council as part of a programmed called Skapande skola (Creative Schools). I ran workshops with the infant and lower-primary school pupils where they created Land Art. Our autumn workshops in 2020 were on the beach, at Ribersborg in Malmö. We also co-operated with Naturum Öresund, visiting the marine science centre and helping to pick up the never-ending amounts of garbage found on and around the beach.

The whole project was a lot of fun, high-energy, filled with the children’s imagination and curiosity, and very inspiring.

The photographs document the gathering, planning and creation of the Land Art. And you will see, we were out in all weathers!

You can read more about the Land Art project here (in Swedish). There is also a short film with lots of images!