Land art in the beech forest – and on the beach

2021 During 2019 and 2020 I worked with Sorgenfriskolan in Malmö. The children and I went to the Torup beech forest and the Ribersborg beach in Malmö. Inspired by fairy tales, oak trees, acorns, moss, lots and lots of sticks and twigs, creepy-crawlies, jellyfish, slugs, bugs and sand and seaweed, the young artists came up […]

Land art in the forest

From 2019 to 2020, I worked with Sorgenfriskolan in Malmö. The project was funded by the Swedish Arts Council as part of a programmed called Skapande skola (Creative Schools). I ran workshops with the infant and lower-primary school pupils where they created Land Art. Our autumn workshops in 2019 were in the Torup Beech Woods. […]

Mini-beasts galore

2019 During March 2019 I worked at Fulltofta Country Park in Southern Sweden, creating land art with many children aged 6-8. I also sanded, prepared and hand-painted a sign for every single school that took part in the project. A fun time, with lots of creepy-crawlies, children building homes for bugs and other critters and […]