Land Art on the beach

From 2019 to 2020, I worked with Sorgenfriskolan in Malmö. The project was funded by the Swedish Arts Council as part of a programmed called Skapande skola (Creative Schools). I ran workshops with the infant and lower-primary school pupils where they created Land Art. Our autumn workshops in 2020 were on the beach, at Ribersborg […]

Land art – a walk in the degrowth park

I held three land art workshops during the 6th International Degrowth Conference for ecological sustainability and social equity that took place in Folkets park, Malmö, 21-25 August 2018. The participants created works in different locations in park, on backgrounds like pavements, sand and grass. They used colour, constrast, shape, space and in two pieces, even […]

Fish Face – How it all begins

At last! Fish Face is ready for your delectation and delight. On sale first at Zine Fest in Copenhagen on October 17, 2015. And from the bookshop at Malmö Konsthall. Borrow from: Malmö City Library   The next episodes Rock Rio and Plenty More Fish in the Sea coming up very soon.