Let the children play

April 29th, 2020 Posted In: Place-based Learning Tags:

After seven weeks of lockdown, children in Spain are finally able to play outdoors again.
The images of them literally running for joy made me cry.

These are images from happier days in Scotland – of children, outside, free and playing.

Imagine if we got rid off most of the cars, if children had a lot more space, a lot more time. If their parents went out to play with them. If we didn’t lock children up in schools all day. If they could learn by playing. If their maths learning was linked to planting seeds and weighing flour. If they could move as much as they need to. If they could take breaks and lie underneath a tree. If we sang songs with them. If they could make art and tell shaggy dog stories. If we took time to listen to them and to tell them our stories.

If we actually learnt something from this crisis.