Torup Beech Forest

Land Art in the Beech Forest

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Found art in the forest

Found Art in the forest – other visitors have been making Land Art!

This autumn I am organising a Land Art project with Sorgenfriskolan in Malmö. Working with ages 6-10,
I’ll be helping the pupils (and teachers) to create in nature.

Our first “canvas” will be the beech forest at Torup, about 12km from the city of Malmö. It is not just an opportunity to make art in the forest, but an all-round experience of nature and history for the children.

Fairytale trail

Fairytale trail

Torup covers a large area, with everything from a castle to trails for joggers. Our focus will be on the stories of the forest and the Land Art we make to illustrate these stories.

In the woods

Into the woods

My first task was reconnaissance – what does this forest look like? Where are the best spots for art-making? Where are the best spots to build a den?

A hidden spot

A hidden spot

Torup is famous for its beech trees, which grow in southern Sweden but not further north.



We’ll start and end our days here – in the Jaktpaviljongen (Hunting Pavilion) – a beautiful building with eight sides. An excellent base camp!

The Hunting Pavilion

The Hunting Pavilion

I’m looking forward to my next reconnaissance trip and making some Land Art!