Emergent embroidery

October 27th, 2021 Posted In: Other

For most of my life sewing was just too hard, too complicated, and too scary.



A ferocious sewing teacher in primary seven put me off sewing machines, and she ripped out my “from the wrong end” stitches, since she couldn’t prevent me sewing left-handed. I was put in the third row (for the numpties) and I am only grateful that my love of creating was so robust even that angry lady couldn’t stop me.



But freestyle embroidery seems … well, free enough for me. Combined with the functional act of mending your clothes, it is fun and low-pressure. I don’t really know how to embroider but am learning (making it up) as I go along. These leggings were mangled by daily cycling.



When I started repairing the holes, first came flowers and then strange insects. This repair probably won’t last due to continued wear and tear. But it was fun to do, and I am liberated by the fact that is since it is “only a repair”, there is no need for each stitch to be beautiful and perfect and exactly the same as the one before it.