Drawing animals – workshop with children at Malmö Central Library

For the second year running, I ran workshops for children during the children’s comic festival – I Seriernas Värld – in Malmö. The workshops are held in libraries; a great way of reaching a broad range of children.

This time it was in Kanini – the wonderful, newly opened children’s section at the main library. The staff there are great – organised and full of energy. Despite the fact that it was the autumn school holiday and they were very, very busy with a library full of children!



As ever, as an art educator, I had to work out how to give the children guidelines and inspiration without “telling them what and how to draw.

This is the ongoing challenge and learning experience when working with art. I want to give learners ideas and support; I want to create a safe container where they feel happy to try things out. I *don’t* want them to draw like me, but they are very welcome to use my drawings as a launching-off point.

It’s a fine line and I will be walking it every time I teach, and especially in a workshop situation where we all don’t know each other so well.






I never cease to be inspired and humbled by the children’s work. Once I have done my job off setting up the workshop and getting things rolling, the young artists take over. And you never quite know what they’ll come up with. And that is one of the most enjoyable things about working with art.