The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.

Alice Walker

We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond.

Gwendolyn Brooks

Maria Sibylla Merian

February 19th, 2022 Posted In: Other

I’m continuing my nature studies and watercolour experiments and have rediscovered the life and work of Maria Sibylla Merian (1647 – 1717). She was an early, if not the first, ecologist and entomologist, as well as being a woman. More about her her life here, and images of her work here.        

Homeostasis is the force that ensures life is regulated within a range that is not just compatible with survival but also conducive to flourishing, to a projection of life into the future of an organism or a species.

Antonio Damasio

Playing with paint

February 9th, 2022 Posted In: Other

I’m continuing the wonderful online course Illustrating Nature a Creative Exploration by Laura McKendry. It is so playful and inspiring. After a long cold season, I feel like I can make art in a light and open way again.    

Life shrinks or expands in proportion with one’s courage.

Anaïs Nin

Persephone and the Pomegranate

December 14th, 2021 Posted In: Art

I’m taking part in the fantastic online course Illustrating Nature: A Creative Exploration by Laura McKendry on Domestika. The course is full of interesting, entertaining and productive activities that have really helped me get back in drawing and painting! Here’s one example from an exercise on drawing from life. Drawing a pomegranate in the depths […]

Imagination works best when it has limits around it

Rob Hopkins